About Code for Dayton

What is Code for Dayton?

Code for Dayton is a volunteer Civic Technology meetup. We are part of the Alliance of Civic Technologists (ACT) network, and are made up of developers, designers, data geeks, citizen activists, and many others who use creative technology to solve civic and social problems.

What is Civic Technology?

The definition of civic tech can be quite unclear sometimes - here is a great starting point: #CivicTech Primer: What is “civic tech”?

The gist of it is that civic tech is using technology in a creative way to help better the lives of individuals in our communities, whether that is through person-to-person interactions, or via person-to-government interactions.

It is also worth reading Andrew Schrock's introduction to Civic Tech.

How We Work

We meet up regularly to work on technology projects that can have an impact on our communities. We hold larger hackathon-style events every so often throughout the year, and we collaborate constantly within our community and with other communities worldwide on GitHub.